Learn of the Facts of Some of the Common Diffuser Essential Oils and their Toxicity to Pets

07 Jul

Following recent posts that have been going viral on social media, a number of pet owners are developing ulcers out of the worry over the dangers that may be with some of the common diffuser essential oils and their toxicity to pets. If this is your lot, get to first know that the response to this is not as distinct, a "yes" or a "no" given the fact that this is varied as per the varying tolerance levels of the various species. There are some of the essential oils that will be toxic to all the pets in the home, some to dogs, cats, birds, fishes and all the other kinds of pets as per their own differing degrees of tolerance. Visit - Canine Weekly

It is however a general recommendation to avoid the use of the essential diffuser oils with the cats, dogs, rabbits, birds and others of the small animals around. You need to be as cautious as you can be when using the diffusers when you have any of these animals in the home or room. Infuse the air with these such as the candles and the other kinds of aromatherapy with a lot of caution on your side. For the safest practice if you must use them, think of using the tiny and heavily diluted mixes of the aromatherapy and these should be used quite sparingly, only a few minutes. Besides this, consider using them with none of these pets in the same room. As you have the test done, after you have so infused the air with the diffusers, observe the pets in the home quite closely so as to note even the slightest indication of irritation or symptoms of intoxication on the pets.

Below is a highlight of some of the pets that happen to be quite responsive to the diffuser essential oils. These are-cats, small dogs or pups, birds, expectant animals, rabbits, aquarium fish, those animals that have not matured yet and as well those that have some form of respiratory issues. Avoid the use of phenols, some kinds of hydrocarbons, basil and cinnamon and other kinds of Phenylpropanes and the others that are in the ketone groups, on or around your small animals kept in the home. As you consider the use of the essential oils and other medications on your pets and other animals in the home, you also need to factor the age, illness and issues such as pregnancy. See page for more info.

Learn more here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pet

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